How It Works

Step 1

Create your free YouCooks account

Step 2

Film yourself cooking a dish

Step 3

Upload your video to YouCooks

Step 4

Share your talent with the world!

Filming/Uploading Tips

What device are you using?


If possible, ask a friend or family member to hold your device and film you cooking. Otherwise simply set your phone up on the counter, switch it to selfie mode and get started!

Try to keep your video short to keep people’s attention. You can do this by stopping the filming periodically and just filming the key parts of the process.


Keep it simple! If you have multiple videos that you want to stitch together, we suggest the free Splice app for iOS.


Option 1 (preferred method): Upload your completed video to your YouTube or Vimeo account, then copy the video’s URL. Click the “Upload Video” button at the top of YouCooks, then paste the URL in the “Video URL” field.

Option 2: Upload your video directly to YouCooks from your device. Click the “Upload Video” button at the top of YouCooks, then select your file in the “Video Upload” field.

If you choose to upload directly to YouCooks, we ask that you first compress your video using the free Video Compress app for iOS.

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